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Our mission is to provide ATM technology, products and services of exceptional quality—all at reasonable prices.

We fulfill our mission by…

Providing a full turnkey solution with a sharp focus on being proactive rather than reactive.

We perform preventative maintenance on all the equipment we service—maintaining both the mechanical and the external appearance. Our proactive approach ensures that your customers and members have an exceptional experience with each visit to your ATMs.

Leading the industry in superior customer service.

Ask our customers! With personalized service, quality products and services, high customer satisfaction and reasonable pricing, it’s no wonder that FTSI has the highest customer retention in the industry.

About FTSI Company History

  • Financial Technology Solutions International, Inc, DBA FTSI, provides quality services solutions, keeping your ATMs up and running to build customer satisfaction and increase transaction revenue. We’ve been servicing equipment for over 13 years and our technicians are trained and certified to provide expert maintenance for multiple manufacturers. FTSI is the leading third-party turnkey provider of ATM services to financial institutions on the West Coast.
  • FTSI, the ATM service organization for credit unions and community banks, provides customers with a “personal touch” and an “industry-best” response time for service calls.
  • Since 1998, FTSI has focused on the credit union and community market bank segment to develop ATM program solutions that serve our clients in changing economic climates.
  • FTSI is a minority-owned business that was founded and is fully owned by Susan Napier, who serves as CEO and Board Chairperson. Susan has built the FTSI business like a credit union or community bank would…one member, one customer at a time.
  • Reliable and committed to “getting it right the first time,” FTSI strives for “industry-best” response and resolution time for maintenance services
  • FTSI technicians embrace technology and have the potential to diagnose ATM problems before they threaten operation…keeping your ATMs up and running for your customers.
  • FTSI aligns each client with a dedicated account team committed to providing excellent service by setting common goals and acting on defined priorities.
  • As an independent service provider, FTSI is able to drive savings by identifying creative solutions that fit the needs of our clients today and better position them for the future.

About FTSI Business Partner California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues70% of our focus is in service and sales to credit unions for:

  • First-line maintenance
  • Second-line maintenance
  • Cash services
  • Standards and Compliance services

FTSI has established industry benchmarks for ATM services and sales through strategic alliances, adhering to stringent industry standards and investing in core systems to aid financial institutions with growing their bottom lines.

  • FTSI is a recognized partner of the California and Nevada Credit Union League and of NCR as an authorized sales and service provider.
  • FTSI works with best-in-class CIT providers to give you peace-of-mind that your cash is handled safely and efficiently. We do the due diligence for you to ensure your armored carrier is focused on secure transport with superior insurance, efficient currency operations and advanced reporting technology.
  • Associate Member of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas/IBAT*

NCR Relationship


FTSI has been an Authorized Sales and Service Provider with NCR for over nine years. FTSI also has a shared liability contract in place with NCR for other customers. Our technicians are all trained and certified to maintain in both first- and second-line modes: NCR 56XX; Personas 58xx; SelfServ Series; NCR 3800 Ensenta Kiosk and Teller Cash Recyclers.


Call Center

The FTSI call center, located in Monrovia, CA is staffed with a team to answer all incoming calls from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. All first-line calls, second-line calls and electronic combinations are dispatched and monitored from our main headquarters. FTSI tracks technicians by zone to ensure that all calls are handled on-site within our two-hour response time. The call center is also responsible for generating month end reports for our customers that detail which ATMs had service calls, what types of calls there were, and the call resolution.

FTSI conducts thorough background checks on all employee hires. Our company background checks, solid communications and continued training are only the first steps. FTSI believes in keeping honest employees honest through regular random drug testing, polygraphs and credit checks during each employee’s tenure with FTSI.

Professional attire and conduct of each employee is standard. Regular surprise field checks for this and the quality of work are conducted. 50% of their annual review is based on Customer Service. The other 50% is based on accuracy and quality of work. These are measured and must stay in line with FTSI’s core values on a daily basis.

Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

FTSI is pleased to maintain a Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which involves engaging a group of existing customers on a regular basis to discuss industry trends, business priorities and strategic direction for the mutual benefit of all participants.

The FTSI CAB is comprised of 10-14 financial institutions (both banks as well as credit unions) selected from the FTSI customer base, representing the different geographic regions served by FTSI, with varying asset sizes, core processors, and ATM makes and models.

Our goal is to delight your customers each time they use your ATMs!

* Associate membership in the Independent Bankers Association of Texas is open to companies that provide products or services supportive of community banking.  Associate Members supply references to IBAT and are not subject to extensive due diligence.