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Access Control Solutions allow you to control access to restricted and sensitive areas for your branch or main office.

FTSI access control solutions control who goes where, at what time.  Whether it is controlling access for a single site or multiple branches, our solution can be scaled to meet your needs.  Our web-based solution provides the ease of use and flexibility our customers demand for managing their access control system while ensuring only authorized personnel can access restricted areas and assets.  Plus with our system you can remove or restrict a person’s access quickly and easily without the hassle and cost of rekeying.

Whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred doors that need to be controlled, our FTSI electronic security experts are ready to partner with you to develop a custom solution that protects your branch’s most sensitive areas.

At FTSI, we have Access Control solutions available that can secure both your physical branch locations and your teller machines. Our products are ideal for financial institutions that need to manage access to areas that require greater levels of control such as ATMs, vaults, cash rooms, server rooms, etc. Create a high degree of safety with a system that gives authorized individuals permission to access authorized areas, as determined by you. With various access control technologies available such as photo badges, key cards and fobs, and video entry, FTSI is here to help you accomplish your security objectives.

FTSI access control solutionBiometric-Access

  • Let’s you manage access from any web browser
  • Integrates with video surveillance and alarm systems
  • Is cost effective and easy-to-use
  • Eliminates license fees, maintenance of servers, and security patches
  • Offers extensive reporting capability for audit and compliance
  • Features a highly resilient and scalable architecture