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APTRA Interactive Banker — Assisted Service supported by the Staff Console tablet browser app

NCR Interactive Banker deepens branch customer service through tablet-based teller software synced to kiosk.
NCR Interactive Banker deepens branch customer service through tablet-based teller software synced to kiosk.

Facilitation of in person transactional banking via banker capable of intervention and over-ride of self service interaction

APTRA Interactive Banker creates new opportunities for sales engagement and in-branch consultation while optimizing staffing and reducing operational costs. Designed specifically for branch banking, Interactive Banker directly enables brand new, lean, smaller footprint branches, by replacing traditional teller and back office functions, allowing bankers to completely redefine staffing models, focusing on service and revenue generation within the branch network.

This product allows you to deliver a new and unique consumer experience and provide highly targeted and relevant branch banking services. It allows your branch staff to have detailed customer information in their hands via the Staff Console tablet app to help improve service and enable branch sales. It also reduces cost-to-serve, via a seamless service model (one staff member to many customers). It also enables rapid deployment of new transactional designs and alternative networks such as Self Service, Micro and Express branch designs, and Iconic branch sites.

Interactive Banker allows completely redesigned and radically altered branch layouts, removing the need for costly space allocated to transactional teller desks and sales associate workstations. Interactive Banker empowers “universal bankers” to fully control their branch, using assisted service technology to create a new “one to many” engagement model with complete visibility of all customer transactions, product discovery and account maintenance interaction in the branch. Interactive Banker radically alters the economics of branch banking, enabling low cost, small footprint outlets to be built close to consumer’s transaction paths, 100% focused on sales and service.

With Interactive Banker, you get the flexibility to staff your branch any way you choose, and the ability to sell to your customers more efficiently and effectively.