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ATM Vestibule Access Control allows access to your ATM vestibule after branch personnel have left for the day  

Providing a safe and secure environment for customers to perform ATM transactions after hours is a challenge.  Our solution can help by granting access to ATM users with the swipe of their own ATM card.

ATM Vestibule Access Control BenefitsATM Vestibule Access Control

  • Secure your ATMs by assigning authorizations to specific associates
  • Schedule access to ATM panels based on lobby hours
  • Detect Card Reader tampering and disconnections
  • Allow Card Reader timer adjustments
  • Allow bank-only ISO issued cards access

If your goal is to secure the interior, exterior, or all areas of your branch locations, FTSI has the perfect solutions to give your business the protection it needs. Whether it is controlling access for a single site or multiple branches, our solution can be scaled to meet your needs. Our web-based solution provides the ease of use and flexibility our customers demand for managing their access control system.