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Banking technology is developing so fast that even small financial institutions can afford the latest and greatest online and mobile tools, but making it all look and feel the same is another challenge entirely. Most FIs have to steer their site visitors to third party vendor sites in order to access certain forms, tools, and applications and this can look disjointed and unprofessional.

That’s why FTSI is happy to offer WEtap’s “TopLayer,” a tool that makes all of an FI’s vendor sites have the look, feel, and web address associated with the original FI.

TopLayer Lets FIs Keep the Look and Feel of Their Own Site When Visitors Use Their Third Party Tools

See for yourself. The user on the left is sent to a vendor site while the user on the right stays on the original FI’s site while using the vendor’s products.

                     Without TopLayer                                  With TopLayer

without toplayerwith toplayer
FollowThru Allows You to Capture Data from Partially Completed Forms

WEtap also offers you the ability to maximize your website with “FollowThru,” a program that allows you to capture the data users fill out in your online forms even when they don’t submit them.

FollowThru keeps your users from being discouraged when their screen freezes or is interrupted by saving their work on lengthy applications. It can also help you see what stages applicants typically abandon your forms and give you notifications when they reach each stage.

It’s time to take your web presence from passive to active. Streamline the feel of your branch’s online customer interface and capture the leads that may be slipping through the cracks with TopLayer and FollowThru.

Capture valuable data and leads from your website forms through online tools such as WEtap's TopLayer and FollowThru offered by FTSI.
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