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Branch Transformation – the Future of Banking is here.

Branch Transformation is the future of banking. Financial institutions are under unprecedented pressure to maintain and increase branch profits. How can financial institutions of all sizes compete in a volatile market? FTSI is proud to provide customers with a packaged solution that will catapult your branch into the future–now. Partnering with leaders in self-serve technology, construction, and security management industries, FTSI offers a full turnkey solution for financial institutions looking to automate procedures and reduce teller transactions while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Free up your branch staff to concentrate on high-value services.

Maximize the profitability of your branch network by empowering staff and engaging customers by creating greater product selling opportunities. By diverting lengthy basic transactions to kiosks and APTRA Interactive Teller machines, your branch staff can focus on selling products with greater return on investment. Maximizing income generation, managing expenditure, controlling risk and growing customer loyalty by improving the customer experience are more important than ever. FTSI can give you the tools to help.

Customized Branch Transformation Packages include:

Determine your needs for renovating or constructing new branch locations. Create the best product mix for your branch: ATMs, interactive teller machines, kiosks, teller cash recyclers, ATM marketing, eMarketing, and applications.

digital_signage_1Digital Signage
A powerful, unified management platform for true enterprise-class kiosk and digital signage networks. This robust total solution (hardware, software and services) enables you to create, deliver and manage interactive experiences to engage your customers. Create new opportunities to increase revenue. Rapidly deploy self-service applications that can drive ancillary revenues.

NCR Interactive TellerNCR Interactive Teller
Replicate and deliver the personalized experience of the branch, when, where and how your customers want. Through the ATM, customers have the choice of full self-service or connecting to a live, centralized teller for personalized, high quality, two-way video/audio interaction. Using unique technology which allows the teller to remotely drive the ATM transaction for the customer in real-time, the solution supports regular banking transactions, but also lets customers discuss additional financial needs. This gives FIs the ability to expand branch hours without the burden of staffing at multiple locations. A few remote tellers can service all of your locations beyond traditional branch hours.



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