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ATM Card Fraud Prevention: Achieving Maximum Security and Convenience

TMD implements the latest jamming technology for DIP and motorized machines to give you the best ATM card fraud prevention possible.  TMD’s patented and proactive technology actively protects card data from all types of skimming and enables ATMs to stay in service 24/7 to maximize customer satisfaction.  With over 300,000 CPK units installed around the world and a proven track record of over 10 years, TMD is the ideal multi-vendor solution to protect your ATM fleet against even the most sophisticated skimming attacks.

tmd cpk+

Discover the Core of Self-Service Security in TMD’s CPK+ Card Protection Kit:

The Card Protection Kit (CPK+) is the central core of all of TMD’s self-service security solutions and it manages the functionality of the entire security suite. 
Its scalable architecture and USB communications mean that hardware and software updates can be made easily to address future threats to protect your investment.


The benefits of CPK+ include:

  • Core of TMD self-service security technology suite
  • Proven protection from digital , analogue and stereo skimming
  • ATM protected before, during and after an attack while ATM always remains in service
  • Remote management and diagnostics with informational alerts
  • Fast to deploy – no host changes or network certification

Experience Active Protection Against Skimming in TMD’s Active DIP Kit (ADK):

ADK is different from all other anti-skimming solutions for DIP because it delivers continuous, active protection against skimming. The electromagnetic jamming signal is always on, protecting the card data. Unlike passive DIP solutions, ADK does not rely on the detection of a skimming device to trigger jamming protection. Because ADK’s active jamming signal does not interfere with the performance of the DIP card reader, the ATM or SST remains in service at all times. The card data is always protected, with no impact on availability or cardholder convenience.

tmd adk

The benefits of ADK include:

  • Multiple jammers protect card data from compromise
  • Proven defense against digital, analog, and stereo skimming
  • Investment protection via rapid response to new threats
  • Card data actively protected just like with motorized readers
  • ATM or SST safely stays in service during and after an attack
  • Reduced costs and optimized revenue opportunities
  • ADK jamming that does not affect DIP card reader functionality
  • Peace of mind provided by integrated machine state-of-health monitoring
  • Real-time remote fraud monitoring