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Custom Marketing ScreensCustom Marketing Screens deliver targeted messages at the ATM channel

Retail marketing at the ATM has become an increasingly effective tool to reach consumers–both your current clients and prospects. With advanced targeted marketing messages at the ATM, you’ll be able to transform your ATM fleet into a sales lead and revenue generating channel.

Let FTSI manage the creation of your Custom Marketing Screens  to reinforce your brand at all ATM locations. Campaign design and setup is fast– as little as 10 business days. Take advantage of this great opportunity to up-sell to your current customers and attract prospects.

Retail marketing at the ATM allows you to have your customer’s undivided attention during the transaction. Your customer becomes a captive audience for your visual marketing message.

Transform your ATM channel by implementing screen graphics, animations and coupons with custom marketing campaigns from FTSI.

Dynamic ATM Custom Marketing Screens

Custom Marketing ScreensExpand your marketing strategy

  • Reinforce your brand at all your ATM sites both on and off-premise
  • Cross-sell additional financial products and services
  • Differentiate your financial institution from competitors
  • Generate revenue from third party advertisers

Types of marketing to consider:

  • Idle/Welcome, Wait and Thank You Sequences – static or animated
  • End-of-Receipt Messages/Coupons
  • Clients receive a PDF proof to review the marketing campaign prior to completion.
  • Each campaign can be used across as many ATMs as the client chooses—pay a flat fee for each campaign created, not per ATM.

Marketing screens enhance your financial institution’s brand recognition, create new opportunities to promote your products and services, and provide additional security features. FTSI has brought the design and implementation of custom marketing screens in-house to be able to offer more competitive pricing for our customers.

FTSI’s custom marketing screens allow you to:

  • Brand your ATMs with custom backgrounds, buttons, receipt headers and more
  • Identify members and non-members and display specific advertising to each group
  •  Announce new promotions to members
  • Cross-sell and up-sell products and services
  • Promote membership to non-members
  • Create revenue streams from third-party advertising and promotions
  • Announce news and information
  • Provide security and compliance messages

FTSI offers several packages and pricing options to meet your needs:

Welcome Package (Static or Dynamic)

  • 4 custom screens

Plus Package (Static or Dynamic)

  • 4 custom screens
  • 1 custom background
  • 8 custom buttons

Custom Package (Static or Dynamic)

  • 4 custom screens
  • 1 custom background
  • 8 custom buttons
  • Design & consulting hours

Per Screen Pricing (Static or Dynamic)

  • 1 custom screen


  • Update screens with fresh campaigns
  • Can be quarterly or as frequently as needed
  • Remove expired promotions
  • Showcase current promotions
  • Create seasonal and holiday messaging