Digital Banking

Digital Banking – Anytime, Anywhere

  • Consumer Experience

    Attract and retain more consumers with a progressive Online Banking solution that is easy to use and delivers a complete set of on-demand financial management services.

  • Marketing Solutions

    Leverage new Digital Insight turnkey email option for offline consumers coupled with customizable, self-serve, in-branch mail and Web materials.

  • Self-Service Features

    Cost-effective online self-service features, like email alerts and real-time stop payment requests, provide a richer end-user experience.

NCR Digital Banking Platform

Engage end-users with instant, 24/7 access to superior online financial services. This best-in-class solution delivers a richer banking experience that reflects your financial institution’s unique brand and makes your site the go-to financial hub for your consumers.

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  • Consumer Banking

    Allows users to easily manage their finances with an intuitive, consistent experience regardless of device.

  • Business Banking

    Give your small business users the tools they need to grow their business, including robust entitlements and automated reporting, all from a single sign-on.

  • Account Opening

    Grow your banking business with tech that lets new and existing users open new accounts in minutes.

  • Data Analytics

    Better understand your consumers with powerful analytics that allow your institution to make data-driven decisions that drive power and growth.

  • Marketing and Communications

    Grow your bottom line with rich data and integrated marketing personalized to every user.

  • Admin & Operations

    Take back control with an admin and operations solution that allows you to make the changes you need to keep your institution running.

  • In my experience FTSI has not occupied the role of a traditional vendor, they have been a trusted advisor during our branch transformation journey from its conception to implementation and beyond. We did not just purchase a product from them, we formed a partnership with a trusted advisor. The people at FTSI are what make the difference, it has been a pleasure to work with the FTSI team, from the executive level, the project managers, the sales team, and the service techs in the field.

    Gulf Coast Educators FCU logo
    Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union Taylor Hebert, Chief Experience Officer
  • When you partner with a vendor and you have trust, you can build amazing things. So first and foremost we trust FTSI. It’s not just a one-on-one conversation between us and FTSI that always ends up in improved product and services or even new products and services, but they are really a broker of relationships between us and their other clients as well which allows truly the most creative people that I know to get in one room together and build creative solutions and do awesome things.

    Texas Tech Credit Union
    Texas Tech Credit Union Chris Hutson, CEO
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