First-Line and Second-Line Maintenance

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Proactive and Consistent First-Line and Second-Line Maintenance

First-line and Second-line Maintenance

FTSI meets with every client to determine the scope of your needs and service solutions that most effectively meet your business goals. Our priority is to keep your machines running at optimal performance.

First-Line Maintenance

Issues like ATM jams and dwindling inventories (such as paper, ink, and other supplies) can temporarily derail your operations. The goal: Minimize down time. The solution: FTSI first-line technicians take a proactive approach to avoid problems before they occur.

  • Resolution of basic service disruptions: card, paper and currency jams
  • Restock of supplies at ATM: paper, ribbon, and ink 
  • Unlimited service calls-handled consistently and on time.
  • Proactive approach: first-line technicians are your eyes and ears at the ATM and actively ensure optimum performance and prevent issues before they arise.
  • Unlimited, free customer training and phone support: we work with your branch staff to quickly fix branch ATM service calls.

Second-Line Maintenance

Forward-thinking maintenance is our philosophy. Routine preventative machine checkups, where worn parts are replaced before they falter, keep your ATMs functioning perfectly for every transaction. The goal: Smooth ATM operations. The solution: FTSI second-line technicians ensure optimum health of your ATMs through preventative maintenance and provide a quick response to ATM failures when they arise.

Our second-line technicians are certified through NCR University training on NCR ATMs. We also service Diebold, Fuji, Itautec, Triton, Tranax, Hyosung and other tier-one ATM products. Many of our technicians have over five years of experience, offering extensive experience working on and fixing a variety of ATM models.