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More than just a company, FTSI is a family. 

From our baseball games and bowling leagues to our food drives and volunteer work, FTSI is about more than just work. We’re about working and playing together, sharing our resources with those in need and giving back to the community.

FTSI Company Culture

Our dedicated team values communication, service and doing the right thing—for each other, the company and most importantly, our customers. Our team’s cohesion and communication are how we are able to manage complex projects, systems and installations for our customers. We are committed to being responsive, efficient and doing the best job possible for our clients. We are driven to be the best in the industry in terms of response times and uptimes.

Why does FTSI promote from within?

APPRECIATION – FTSI wants to show appreciation for our employees.

ENCOURAGEMENT – FTSI has confidence in our employees, so we encourage them.

INVESTMENT – Our current employees understand the business and culture at FTSI, therefore we invest in them by offering training to get them to the next level(s).

In the last twelve months, FTSI has promoted ten individuals within the Company. Some of our most recent promotions include Summer Childre formerly Projects Coordinator to Projects Supervisor, Ginette Martinez  formerly Communications agent to Communications Supervisor, and Chad Wilson formerly Second Line Supervisor to Second Line Manager.

FTSI understands the importance of  a team culture. Some of the team building activities we participate in include bowling leagues, sports competitions, and volunteer work with non-profit organizations.