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FTSI’s Executive eXperience Center is a Collaborative Space to Design Solutions That Accelerate Your Business

FTSI is the only NCR channel partner to have an executive briefing center in North America and is the perfect resource for banking professionals seeking to discover technology solutions to transform their branches. The Executive Experience Center creates an immersive experience into the world of branch transformation capabilities; illustrated by NCR hardware and software, and FTSI Solutions. The Executive Experience Center is designed as an interactive space to provide product demonstrations and customized consultations for bank and credit union representatives.

executive experience center

How ExC Transforms Your Branch

  • Experts evaluate your customer volume, transaction mix, and service bandwidth to improve efficiency
  • Gain access to systems that increase per appointment product sales by up to 25%
  • Hands-on demonstrations help you find solutions to improve customer interactions

What ExC Does For Your Business

  • Maximize labor effectiveness with a 33% reduction in transaction time
  • Reduce headcount and redeploy tellers to expand your footprintexecutive experience center
  • Utilize kiosks that reduce hand transaction costs by up to 75%

Why You Should Visit FTSI’s ExC

  • FTSI tailors solutions to your needs with tangible ROI estimates
  • Learn about interactive banking resources that engage your members
  • Experts customize presentations to fit your specific business goals
  • Participate in our informative workshops & product briefings
  • Equip your branches and ATMs for the future, NOW!

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