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FTSI takes a proactive approach to Lighting Surveys.

We ensure clients are meeting AB244 light standards & providing a safe environment for members.Lighting Surveys

Are your ATMs, access areas and parking spaces providing sufficient light for your members at night?

Proper lighting is also an important crime deterrent.  Make sure your members can see their surroundings and that video surveillance is unobstructed.

The FTSI Lighting Survey Solution

FTSI knows the importance of meeting AB244 lighting requirements. You can count on us to ensure your ATMs, walkways and access areas are well lit for the safety and convenience of your members.

Our Lighting Surveys include:

  • Performing light meter readings at necessary points within the 50′ arc
  • Replacing burned out or low lights
  • Determining which bulbs are needed at each site & having the technician stock them*
  • Ensuring all light timers & ballasts are working
  • Reviewing any obstructions blocking lights (trees, shrubs, signs, etc.)
  • Checking for glare, shadow areas or light islands
  • Noting any security concerns

*Must be a standards & compliance customer to receive this service.