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Unlock the Security of Netop.

Help us help you by having FTSI unlock your already available Netop Upgrade on your machines and dramatically improve your uptime and efficiency.  

“With many features for communication and collaboration, Netop Remote Control is the ideal tool for Support and Helpdesk environments.”
– PC Magazine

Unlock the single, secure channel for online personal service and world-class technical support that’s trusted by over half of Fortune 100 companies for FREE as FTSI is taking on the upgrade cost.  

Savings & Efficiency FTSI’s service desk can resolve more tickets remotely using Netop. This means higher uptimes for your machines. Automated routines free up resources and update your machines quicker. Downtime goes down; productivity goes up.
Remote Control Enables users to perform remote supervisor activities including:  Viewing all ATM activity during cardholder transactions, executing scripts and remote settlement, completing technician diagnostics menus, executing hardware and software inventories and more!
Data Encryption Netop protects your data with key lengths up to 256 bits and conform to best-practice standards (AES, HMAC and SHA) for data transmission, integrity verification, and key exchange.
Access Rights Define security roles for every vendor so each consultant has the exact privileges they need.
Two-Factor Authentication Assign each user a unique ID, render passwords unreadable during transmission and storage, and authenticate identity 2-3 times before login success.
Audit Trail Record who did what, when, on which system every time.

*NOTE: This is an enhancement to your service and NOT a replacement for first line maintenance.  It simply allows our personnel to do more for you, faster.

Remote Control Advantage with ATM’s & ITM’s

Remote Control enables highly technical users to perform remote Supervisor activities. Using a remote workstation, administrators can:

  • View all ATM activity during cardholder transactions for diagnostic purposes
  • Execute remote settlement
  • Run Supervisor functions and tests
  • Complete technician diagnostics menus
  • Reset the ATM Copy files both to and from the ATM using a GUI interface
  • Execute remote scripts
  • Execute hardware and software inventories (using MS Windows utilities

Netop ATM remote capabilities 

  • Indicate whether safe doors are open or closed
  • Communicate via TCP/IP to terminal
  • Provide input to the ATM via PIN pad
  • Access Windows event logs
  • View device error logs
  • Run dispenser test
  • Retrieve trace archives
  • Reboot the ATM
  • View files, errors, and logs remotely without retrieving them
  • Force trace archive creation
  • Balance
  • Perform a health check
  • Retrieve electronic journals
  • Download files