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FTSI’s Professional Service Enhance Your Business Through Collaboration

Professional Services

We are proud to launch our brand new Professional Services division. We consult with and connect clients to the latest technology in the areas of products and services, operations and compliance. We’ll help you identify areas where new technology and streamlined systems will relieve your staff of possible redundancies and expedite processes so your team can better serve your customers and members. Many of our professional service solutions pair well with, and complement our core ATM products and services offering you unparalleled advantage in the marketplace.

 FTSI is the largest independent provider of ATM services for credit unions and community banks on the West Coast. Our professional services consulting division connects clients with the latest products in the areas of mobile banking, remote deposit capture, ATM project management as well as operational and compliance strategy and action plans.

We’re passionate about advancing our clients’ capabilities through identifying areas where new technology and streamlined systems will relieve staff of possible redundancies and expedite processes so your team can better serve your customers. This, paired with our proactive approach, forms the heart of our corporate blueprint. By providing end-to-end solutions, FTSI keeps your business model efficient and cost effective.

Based in Southern California, FTSI consults with each financial institution to customize the optimal blend of branch and ATM technology strategies and operations that can be implemented to achieve your business goals and the highest level of satisfaction for your customers.

Professional Services

FTSI is the end-to-end solution for financial institutions looking for simple answers to complex product, operational and compliance needs.


  • Currency Management Solution – Optimize your ATM channel through integrated SaaS. Create significant recurring cost savings for all aspects of the currency supply chain.
  • Check21 ATM Solution – Add convenience and allow your customers to make deposits without ever leaving their home. Reduce your transactional risk and cost, offer better deposit availability and truncate and clear checks electronically.
  • Hosted Services Solution – Deliver on-demand marketing messages with high quality graphics at the ATM to highlight your brand and up-sell customers and prospects.


  • ATM Project Management – Have a complex ATM project? FTSI is your solution for managing the full scope of your project. From complex installations and system upgrades, to DVR installation, cameras and cabling for individual ATMs or complete branch coverage.
  • ATM Deployment Strategies and Profitability Analysis – As the financial landscape changes, so do the needs of your customers. Enlist FTSI to help you maximize the service to your customers and the ROI on your ATM deployment
  • Vault Cash Verification – Audit your cash vault balances held with third-party vendors.
  • Software Management Solution – Stay current with transaction options, security patches, software upgrades and legal and regulatory standards.


  • ADA/PCI audits with recommendations for hardware modifications or upgrades
  • ATM Network Security Audits – FTSI’s certified auditors handle the complete TR-39 technical audit of the security of PIN debit transactions of ATMs. These audits comply with requirements by Star, NYCE and Pulse EFT networks.