Remote ATM Management Solution

Achieve a holistic view of the ATM’s productivity and performance to enhance the consumer experience.

FTSI’s Remote ATM Management Solution (RAMS) is designed to provide up-to-the-minute data on your ATM and TCR fleet. Higher up-times result in more profits from transaction fees, more repeat business from your consumers, and new acquisitions as word spreads of your fleet’s reliability and functionality. Make cash monitoring more efficient, install software patches without leaving the office, and monitor service incidents in real-time. RAMS ATM availability software will give you a detailed look at your fleet’s status, and help you make informed management decisions, and help your business reach its goals.

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Remote ATM Management Solution

  • Incident Management

    A comprehensive solution that provides a full audit trail of the incident life cycle.

  • Live Cash Monitoring

    Real-time awareness helps you to establish an efficient replenishment strategy.

  • Software Distribution

    Remote operations lower costs and increase the speed of deploying actions.

  • EJ Management

    Eliminate costly site visits and instantly investigate disputes with an electronic journal.

  • Business Intelligence

    Easily create and store reports based on any variety of data that you choose to gather.

  • Inventory Management

    Track your hardware and software inventory to simplify field repairs and upgrades.

  • I would like to share with you that the services we are receiving from FTSI has been phenomenal. The most important thing for us, which we were not getting from previous managed services, is to have a partner who is proactively making sure the uptime of our fleet is at maximum and that issues are being reported and resolved before we have to intervene. Thanks again to the entire FTSI team and call center!

    Credit Human Logo
    Credit Human Matthew Perez, Client Services Manager, IT Service Delivery
  • When FTSI took over servicing our ATMs, we saw an immediate improvement. With the way things are running now, I can’t imagine going back or changing providers.

    Texas Citizens Bank
    Texas Citizens Bank Ric Burrow, VP of Information Technology
  • The FTSI team has really been fantastic! We used to have so many challenges and everyone from the Techs, to Projects, to Riggers, to the Call Center, and Marketing who helped with marketing screens, everyone has been so supportive! Really so glad we made the change, wish we had done it sooner!

    Frontwave Credit Union
    Frontwave Credit Union Wendy Rodriguez, Director Branch Operations
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