Software Management

FTSI’s Software Management Solution makes the task of keeping your software current and easy.

  • Access to new releases

    Access to all new point and patch releases, enabling you to maintain your fleet up to date with software.

  • Proactive Solutions

    Software problems can be avoided by installing new patch releases containing software fixes. This will resolve issues before they cause problems for your network.

  • Upgrade at your own pace

    With ongoing investment in software research and development, you will benefit from having access to software upgrades containing new functionality whenever you need them.

  • Secure your ATM network

    Protect your software from security problems by accessing and installing the latest security patches and keeping up to date on the latest security alerts and bulletins.

  • Support and expertise at your fingertips

    Leverage our skilled and experienced software and support resources. When you need support, you can just pick up the phone and call us.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency through a clearly defined Software Management Solution contract, the ability to accurately set your budget for maintenance and upgrades in advance and the use of the latest fixes and product improvements.

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Software Management Solution

New transactions, security patches, and software updates, together with legal and regulatory standards, are being introduced faster than ever before. As you adopt and benefit from new transactions and services, it is important to also protect yourself from unforeseen issues. FTSI’s Software Management Solution does just that.

FTSI’s unique solution also includes software support done in the field, which encompasses adding and testing software patches, back-up of customers’ hard drive and software to DVR on-site, for easy swap outs if a customer’s hard drive fails, and coordination of problems in the field to be resolved.

  • I would like to share with you that the services we are receiving from FTSI has been phenomenal. The most important thing for us, which we were not getting from previous managed services, is to have a partner who is proactively making sure the uptime of our fleet is at maximum and that issues are being reported and resolved before we have to intervene. Thanks again to the entire FTSI team and call center!

    Credit Human Logo
    Credit Human Matthew Perez, Client Services Manager, IT Service Delivery
  • When FTSI took over servicing our ATMs, we saw an immediate improvement. With the way things are running now, I can’t imagine going back or changing providers.

    Texas Citizens Bank
    Texas Citizens Bank Ric Burrow, VP of Information Technology
  • The FTSI team has really been fantastic! We used to have so many challenges and everyone from the Techs, to Projects, to Riggers, to the Call Center, and Marketing who helped with marketing screens, everyone has been so supportive! Really so glad we made the change, wish we had done it sooner!

    Frontwave Credit Union
    Frontwave Credit Union Wendy Rodriguez, Director Branch Operations
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