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ATM Standards and Compliance

The FTSI Standards and Compliance Solution at Work

Your financial institution’s brand is held in esteem in the marketplace and must be maintained to the highest standards and compliance for each and every customer interaction at every ATM. Exterior ATMs are especially vulnerable to the elements. Thorough cleanings and proper compliance audits and external maintenance ensure that your customers’ and potential customers’ visit to each ATM is a positive experience.

The FTSI solution starts with establishing a consistent appearance. This includes a complete field audit and recommendations for repair and/or painting of the exterior fascia, signage and compliance for all ADA and network requirements. Clients are invited to view their before and after photographs documenting cleanings within our secure intranet.

We offer three levels of standards and compliance service with frequency ranging from monthly to quarterly cleanings.

First we collect information on the different types of ATMs, surrounds, and self-service devices at all exterior and interior sites. This information can be gathered from the customer or through the FTSI field audit onsite.  We catalog the surround type, PMS colors, signs, marketing media, state regulations, lighting and any other needs at each site.
Next, FTSI creates a training program specific to your actual site definition and requirements. This ensures that each technician has the supplies and tools to get the job done right each and every time.

FTSI takes special care to review and discuss “high traffic” times and any other requirements specific to each site.  We then schedule your service to ensure minimum downtime for your customers.  Once complete, a final report is issued along with photos.